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Recent Reports
Please find below links to our Free monthly newsletter Voting Insight Monthly as well as a number of research reports which we hope you will find of interest. If you are looking for information on a particular subject then please contact us.

27-Apr-17 Proxy Monthly April 2017 Proxy Insight
23-Mar-17 Proxy Monthly March 2017 Proxy Insight
31-Jan-17 Proxy Monthly January 2017 Proxy Insight
15-Dec-16 Proxy Monthly December 2016 Proxy Insight
30-Nov-16 Proxy Monthly November 2016 Proxy Insight
30-Sep-16 Proxy Monthly September 2016 Proxy Insight
23-Aug-16 Proxy Monthly August 2016 Proxy Insight
21-Jul-16 Proxy Monthly July 2016 Proxy Insight
15-Jun-16 Proxy Monthly June 2016 Proxy Insight
12-May-16 Proxy Monthly May 2016 Proxy Insight
30-Mar-16 Proxy Monthly March 2016 Proxy Insight
25-Feb-16 Proxy Monthly February 2016 Proxy Insight
28-Jan-16 Proxy Monthly January 2016 Proxy Insight
27-Jan-16 Proxy Access - New Sense or Nuisance? Proxy Insight
10-Dec-15 Proxy Monthly December 2015 Proxy Insight
14-Oct-15 Proxy Insight PVA Research Proxy Insight
25-Sep-15 Proxy Monthly September 2015 Proxy Insight
16-Jul-15 Proxy Monthly July 2015 Proxy Insight
11-Jun-15 Proxy Monthly June 2015 Proxy Insight
7-May-15 Proxy Monthly May 2015 Proxy Insight
25-Feb-15 Proxy Monthly February 2015 Proxy Insight
21-Nov-14 Proxy Monthly November 2014 Proxy Insight
23-Sep-14 Proxy Monthly September 2014 Proxy Insight
16-Jul-14 Proxy Monthly July 2014 Proxy Insight
11-Jun-14 Proxy Monthly June 2014 Proxy Insight
13-May-14 Proxy Monthly May 2014 Proxy Insight

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